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General   08.08.2020 03:39:49
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PRA's Sport Pilot Ground School (SPY)
 Do not wait until the end of registration to sign up,
last year the class sold out before the end of registration and
some students had to be turned away.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: 2014 Ground School will be expanded to
24 hours of live instruction and will be using new software.
Therefore the new price will be $200.
Ground School Screen Shot
PRA VP Tim O'Connor, a gyroplane CFI, is making available an online ground school for the
Sport Pilot/Gyroplane certificate.
Here is a chance for those seeking the certificate to complete the preparation for the FAA Knowledge Test online.
The course will total 24 hours of virtual classroom instruction, and students will be assigned homework.

You'll need a computer or tablet, with a good internet connection, and headphones with microphone (no speakers please).

Other required class materials include: Electronic E6B Flight Computer;
Sectional Chart Plotter, must be rotating type; a supply of sectional maps, one must be Cincinnati; one or more FAA Airport Directories, one must cover Ohio;
a bound notebook; a copy of FAA FAR/AIM 2013; a selection of FAA handbooks, circulars, fliers and publications relevant to your exam; several packs of index cards;
Post-It notes (several packs).
Students will recieve a bundle of materials after they have registered for the class, including exam supplement diagrams, worksheets and practice links.
Students achieving a 90% or higher score on test prep will receive a logbook endorsement to take the knowledge test at an FAA authorized testing center.

Tuition is $200.00 for PRA members.

Contact Tim O'Connor for details and registration, gyro.pilot@yahoo.com
Class times: 7pm - 10pm Eastern Time
Note: possible (optional) additional flight planning date of March 6 could be added.
We can NOT guarantee that recorded sessions will be available if you miss a session. 
Sport Pilot
Gyro-Exam Specific Live CFI/AGI
Long Distance
Phone Charges
 Live Sessons
Study kit
Practice Software*
*min 5
PRA  Yes  Yes  No  Yes Yes Yes Yes
 No  Yes  Yes  No Yes No No  $270
 No  No  No Yes No No No  $249.95
 Click HERE to see the student feed back reviews from the first PRA Ground School Session.

For Registered Students:
Here is a list of the required materials for class. Please purchase before the 1st day of class.
Ground School Materials:
Electronic E6B Flight Computer;
Sectional Chart Plotter, must be rotating type;
Cincinnati Sectional:
FAA Airport Directories, one must cover Ohio.
a copy of FAA FAR/AIM 2014;
FAA Rotorcraft handbook. (Note this will be provided for free on CD but you may want to print it)
To Register:

Note: Only register during open registration times. Once the software license has been purchased for you the PRA can NOT refund your money.
IMPORTANT:  We must meet the minium of registrants. If an insufficient number of students register your money will be refunded minus the PayPal or Credit Card processing fees.
Be sure to attend the software test session. We can NOT refund your money after the class materials and software have been purchased.
1. Go To This Link:
2. Choose PRA Ground School and Donate $200.00 (if you are a PRA member). If you are NOT a PRA member you will need to join.
3. Forward a copy of your paypal receipt and the U.S Postal address where you want your student kit mailed to gyro.pilot@yahoo.com. Kits will be mailed out when registration closes, Confirmation of student admission will be emailed in 72 hours or less.
4. A few weeks before the first class you will receive a reminder email listing the required materials and where you can purchase them, and instructions for testing the class software.