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 PRA Member Registration   08.08.2020 03:16:40

    Welcome to PRA's  Members Registration.

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   Welcome to PRA world wide Membership.
Register here to become a Guset or an official Member of Popular Rotorcraft Association.

      Why not join our family of men and women gaining access to all the lnowledge our members experiencing life to the fullest with these magnificent flying machines as all revenues are used to support our mutual passion for MODERN and Historical Personal Rotorcraft!

      PRA membership dues comes with two options
  1.  Standard Membership rates for all Countries are $ 50.00 and includes our free on-line eZine of PRA's 'Rotorcraft' magazine section and not the entire 'PSF' magazine by contract.
  2. Or Gold: pay for postage and you receive a FREE Subscription to 'Powered Sport Flying' magazine where we now publish PRA's 'Rotorcraft' magazine.
  3. Or as a free Guest added to our members eAlert email announcement list, and or to shop in our store front as a customer.

Become a PRA member and join us in all the knowledge, entertainment, and fun. It's a party and more fun than normally allowed by law!

 as a PRA memeber with access to private members area
 a guest receives email announcment and customer status with limited access to our website.


  1. All Countries $ 50.00 with on-line eZine. (No Hardcopy; 'Rotorcraft' section only of 'PSF' magazine)
  2. United States $ 62.00 add a subscription to 'PSF' Magazine.
  3. United States Life Members $ 12.00 to add a subscription to 'PSF' Magazine.
  4. Canada $ 75.00 to add a subscription to 'PSF' Magazine. 
  5. Canada Life Members $ 25.00 to add a subscription to 'PSF' Magazine.
  6. Outside North America $ 85.00 to add a subscription of 'PSF' Magazine.
  7. Outside North America Life Members $ 35.00 to add a subscription to 'PSF' Magazine.

Membership Benefits:

  1. PRA's 'Rotorcraft' eZine for FREE and or PRA's 'Rotorcraft' Magazine now published in 'Powered Sport Flying' Magazine for only $12.00 more that's a $24.95 dollar savings off the cover price of $36.95.  Which pays you back 1/2 the price of your membership dues.
  2. Discounts: If you add up just PRA discounts of 50% off PRA's convention / Fly-in =$17.50, two nights free camping =$44.00 each year plus the magazine that's $86.45 savings. More than the $62.00 dues with 'PSF' magazine subscription included. That is not counting all the other discounts from manufactures of rotorcraft, Instructors, Vendors, Electronics like Glass Panels - EFIS, Parts, Polish etc.
  3. As a valued PRA member you will be entitled to vote in PRA leadership elections and attend our membership meetings at the convention and other events.
  4. Website: All assess right to over 50 years of libraries with over 10,000 documents full of knowledge offering unique content with 50+ years of Rotorcraft Magazine back issues and other products available only to PRA Members.
  5. Ezine, Forums, Blogs, and Articles: You may join the party on our forum site with full posting rights allowing you to participle in help, support, advice, and fun.
  6. If you really wish to help share our passion for rotorcraft then you should consider becoming one of our Officers, Board members, Volunteers, or Coordinators as all Members are eligible. It our members shared passion that make the PRA the best organizations it can be! Without you we are nothing! Thank you.
  7. PRA Membership Card; with your log-in PRA Account Number. Be sure to keep your card and record your membership number as many new services will be available this year and next that will require this number to access.
  8. PRA decal sticker: Display your PRA sticker and proudly promote our shared passion for rotorcraft!
We try to get new memberships processed as soon as possible but sometimes it can take as long as a business day.

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PRA is a non-profit organisation run largely by volunteers.
We try to get new memberships processed as soon as possible but sometimes it can takes longer.
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