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Popular Rotorcraft Association's Home, Meeting-Place, and Learning Center.

We are Modern and Historical
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      Greetings! We are the new modern Popular Rotorcraft Association, which most members refer to as "PRA," a world-wide group of people sharing a special comradery who have a mutual passion for modern and historical personal rotorcraft, including quad-copters.
     We are a non-profit organization controlled and run by our members. This very special group of like-minded, altruistic pilots volunteer their time and labor with the sole intent of helping others learn about these magnificent flying machines. PRA has one paid administrative employee to staff the office for daily needs and communications. Volunteer labor allows the majority of our dues and camping revenue be put to direct use to help our members and our comunity provide the greatest good possible.
     YOU, are members, are our greatest asset! It's individuals like you - with a passion to teach, learn, and write articles for our magazine in which you share your experiences that make things happen. So we invite you to join us in the adventure, as a PRA member, a board director, teacher, author, mentor, volunteer and/ or student.
      The PRA's mission is to organize individual members and local club chapters into a unified body reconized as the go-to lobbying and liaison association representing the rotorcraft community's unique needs before congress and the FAA. Our goals being to: promote our freedoms to fly; increase the weight limit for ultralights; further the education and understanding of safe, modern gyroplane flight and design characteristics for both public and government concerns; and help pilots obtain affordable insurance.

       PRA member's benefits include discounts on products and services such as aircraft, kits, avionics, parts and supplies, insurance, build assistance, FAA regulations knowledge help, and professional instruction with registered CFI's.
      Our home office is located at the PRA's Airport / Camping & Convention Center in Mentone, Indiana USA. For over 58  years PRA has been the best source of information for rotorcraft fly-in's; buying, building, training, and piloting; rules and regulations; and insuring personal rotorcraft!
     We have fun flying personal rotorcraft, while promoting safety through training . Our fly-in events provide both group and family camping, along with available vendor and special operations areas. We help you FLY a personal rotorcraft for about the same cost as operating a motorcycle or personal watercraft, while meeting friends - old and new.
      PRA performs its mission by facilitating the formation of new PRA Chapters in every city, and in every country, allowing rotorcraft enthusiasts to meet locally for hands-on experience, sharing, and teaching of everything one needs to know about safety, building, and flying; helping with and sponsoring local fly-in's; on-line ground schools; providing member access to our on-line web-based library of over 58  years of both print and eZine PRA magazines and literature; answering your questions in our private Forum; sponsoring CFI training scholarships; publishing 'Rotorcraft' magazine (now in conjunction with Powered Sport Flying magazine, which together with PRA offers a broader spectrum of information, and vendor sources, than ever before) and many other programs.

      to Join us in Rotorland,

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About the PRA

  • It's well established worldwide comradery!
  • Exciting time to Join with so many new rotorcraft models being introduced yearly.
  • Rotary-winged flight is one of the most enjoyable sport/recreation activities!
  • It's the best source for information regarding modern and historical personal helicopters and gyroplanes!
  • We have the only on-line ground school specifically for rotorcraft.
  • Members get the world's best magazine on personal rotorcraft!
  • We hosts fly-in's which are the world's greatest flying events for personal rotorcraft!
  • We have many discounts for our members that actually save you more money that it cost for yearly dues!
  • We have programs that help us all like flight Instructor scholarship grants, PRA representing our comunity with the F.A.A. to insure we are able to be allowed to keep our flying freedoms world wide. Have a problem just contact us.

PRA is well established:
       PRA was started in 1962 by Igor Bensen, the inventor of the famous Bensen Gyrocopter. Since then we have accquired our own airport and built a Camping & Convention Center where we host our yearly convention fly-in. We have inbraced modern gyroplane with the same passion and we have grown to include rotorcraft of all makes and models with members in over 80 countries. We are headquartered at Mentone, Indiana, USA at the PRA Mentone Airport / Camping Convention Center. There are many local PRA chapters and you can set up your own where you will meet other rotorcraft enthusiasts sharing the comradery, training, support, and flying adventure.

Exciting time to Join:
       What an exciting time to join in the adventure with so many new personal modern rotorcraft models coming into the marketplace; which means to you, that never in our history have members had so many different models to select the correct aircraft for your budget and flying needs.  

 Magni'Rotorcraft' or 'PSF' magazine
 1) Standard membership includes PRA's 'Rotorcraft' magazine as an online eZine.
 2) Or paid for postage and also receive 'Power Sport Flying' magazine where we publish 'Rotorcraft' magazine, the official PRA publication.
 PRA's 'Rotorcraft' magazine is the only major magazine devoted exclusively to Modern and Historical rotorcraft. It's widely regarded as the best source of personal rotorcraft information. 'Powered Sport Flying' magazine with technical articles, photos of helicopters, autogyros, gyrocopters, gyroplanes, safety tips and news of new products for rotorcraft builders and pilots.

PRA sponsors events:
PRA hosts an annual convention that's typically the largest gathering of personal rotorcraft in the world. It has exhibits, rides, flight training, flight demonstrations, contests, commercial exhibits, great food, seminar / forums on rotorcraft topics, and unlimited fun! There are also many other events and fly-in's sanctioned and supported by PRA and its local chapters.
You can be a PRA member: Anyone with an interest in rotorcraft can become a member of the Popular Rotorcraft Association. to Join us in Rotorland. .

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Popular Rotorcraft Association
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